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Club Racing

Ullman Sails is committed to helping each customer get their boat sailing faster. Whether competing in handicap or one design keelboat racing, we understand that you want win. And we provide the tools to do just that.


Advanced Technology

Our sailmakers are in tune with the latest and best products in the sailing industry. That’s why Ullman Sails uses FiberPath Technology. We can build true load-path sails that use our own proven sail designs and combine the perfect amount of fibers and films for each sail’s specifications.

Handicap Racing

Each Ullman Sails loft specializes in serving local fleet racing, so we understand the different handicap systems used in your region. We can answer your questions, help you understand the different systems and make sure your boat meets the requirements for PHRF or other local handicap racing. 

Sail Development

Our top designers and sailmakers work continuously with CAD sail design software to make sure every sail is built for speed and performance. Then we apply the same speed-testing and sail development methods we use in our one design programs to make sure you’ve got the fastest sails in your class. 

Extensive Expertise

Our sailmakers and sail consultants are hands-on experts who are directly involved with making your sails. They can help you determine the best addition to your race inventory, offer tuning tips to get better results on the water, or suggest alternative solutions that keep your expenses low. 

Onboard Attention

Once your sail is ready to be hoisted, our goal is to make sure you are satisfied. We’re happy to spend time with you on the water to make certain your investment meets your expectations.